Major Performance Issues

just a bit of feedback on the new version the performance was fine while i was in the beta then ever since today its been very laggy making it almost unplayable to the point where its very difficult to synchronise my show, i was wondering if anyone else is having this issue :slight_smile:

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Hi Ben,

thanks for posting, and welcome to the FWsim community forum.

We will make improvements to performance over the next weeks. In the meantime, please let me know some info about your system:

  1. Which CPU and RAM do you have? You can find out by opening Windows settings and clicking System → About.
  2. Which graphics card do you have? You can find out by pressing WINDOWS+R and typing DXDIAG, then selecting the “Display” panel.
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i have 8GB of RAM and an Intel Core i5-8300h CPU @ 2.30GHz

i have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card

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I Have the same problem with a big setting computer :

  • AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor 3.70 GHz
  • 32,0 Go RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060 graphic card 12Go DDR6

All drivers updated

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Hi everyone,

we just made substantial improvements to performance.

Please try the following:

  1. If you use FWsim on Steam, wait until it’s updated. (if you use FWsim without Steam, click Help → “Check for Updates”)
  2. Make sure you now have version
  3. Open Preferences, go to “Graphics”. If your graphics quality is set to “Very High”, I suggest you set it to “High” instead.

How is performance now, at “high” quality and in the new update?

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Even if I set to high, it’s still laggy after I add lots of effects and the bengal flare has no fade-in and fade-out

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i think the performance has improved quite a bit on my end :slight_smile:

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Thanks, good to hear. After yesterday’s performance update, we are continuing to work on it. Version just came out, and it should be even faster.

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I’ve recently updated and the performance runs well but the framerate is little bit slow with lots of effects

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I don’t know if this is already known or if it will be helpful so I just want to explain what I found.

I upgraded to and was still having lag issues with an onboard video card. (I know I should be using a dedicated card but I was running 3.4 with no lag). So being I work in IT I went through old computer components I had in the basement and put together a fairly powerful pc that should have no issues running I moved my project file and my modified shells (that were made in 3.4) to it, and low and behold I still had lag.

This is a Xeon E5 2.4ghz 2400mhz with 6 cores. 64 gigs of ram and a AMD Firepro w5100 4GB video card. No matter what setting I changed the graphics quality to and all the tweaking I can do to the video card, I was still seeing lag at certain spots in the show. It was much better than before, but still laggy. At this point I said it has to be something with my project file.

So tinkering around I started to notice the lag had a pattern. That pattern revealed that the lag was only happening when the curser reach the modified shells I have in the timeline. So I replaced all of the modified shells with standard shells from the product list. Same size shells, just not custom modified in anyway. When I ran the show again, the lag was gone at those locations. So I removed all the modified shells from entire show and switched them to stock shells and now the lag is completely gone. Now out of curiosity I moved that file to my other computer that has the integrated video to see what would happen and the lag was gone.

Now that I know it’s the modified shells causing the lag, I custom modified new shells using and then added them to the show to see if the lag still happens and it does not.

So the lag is coming from custom effects that were added when they were created in 3.4. So while many people are talking about the lag, and saying their custom cakes or effects look different in the new version, I haven’t seen anyone link the lag issue to the custom effects issue when that is precisely what is causing the lag.

Somehow when the script calls for a custom effect that was made in 3.4 to be shot, it isn’t properly handling it and causing the lag.

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Thanks, appreciate your investigation. If I understand correctly, effects that are included with FWsim are working fine, but effects you created yourself are lagging. Is that correct?

Could you try one thing?
Could you put both in the same show, one after the other, so you have one portion of the show that is lagging and one that isn’t. Then, please send me that show using an upload link that I will send you via private message. This will help us investigate.

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Sure, Yes this happens with effects that were brought over from the 3.4. When I make new effects in, this lag does not happen. One other thing I didn’t try but will tonight is starting a new show file in 3.5 and then adding one of the effects that was modified in 3.4. I’m wondering if maybe the timeline has something to do with it when the show file is brought over from 3.4 with the modified effects already scripted into it.

I will try to get something to you by tonight.

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