20mm Small Fireworks for Backyard Displays!

Today I wanted to post here a set of carefully-crafted 20mm small fireworks, 1 comet/mine and 4 aerials. While I was making huge chrysanthemums, I also had a thought or a challenge to myself, I would say. “What can I do to make a set of fireworks for small family/backyard displays?” And thus, I am working towards a comprehensive set of these small boys here. Small for sure but they will leave any of your neighbours in awe when they will see these fireworks! Without any further ado, let’s see them.

The fireworks on the sets are, in order:

  1. 20mm “Frigate” Pearl with bouquet changing to strobe (colourable)
  2. 20mm “Corrin” Peony with random strobes on tails (colourable)
  3. 20mm “Ashiriel” Variegated Dahlia
  4. 20mm “Vuluguz” Silver Time Rain clusters with strobe inner pistil
  5. 20mm “Muahorkarn” Spider, silver tails (colourable)

Great work, thanks for sharing!

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