2nd Simulation Fireworks Competition - Submission until October 17

We are going to hold “2nd Simulation Fireworks Competition” at 10 a.m.(UTC) November, 2021 on Youtube. We are accepting works now!

Simple Introduction

This competition has following three categories.
(1)Assignment music category

  • Video time is 3min 30sec.
  • You can download the assignment music file from our website(https://eh.almg.tech/en/comp/apply/).
    (2)Free music category
  • Video time is between 2min and 7min.
  • You can arbitrarily select music.(Example:copyright-free music, the sound source file made by yourself)
    (3)Single shell category
  • Video time is within 20sec.
  • Include the same shell 5 times within the above time.
  • No song is required.

Acceptance work period: Aug.15 - Oct.17
Preliminary judgement: Late Oct.
Competition: Nov.6 10:00AM(UTC), Live stream on Youtube
Acceptance voting period: Nov.6 - 14
Announcement of results: Nov.16

  • You can enter up to one work per person per category.
  • We will award the excellence prize/the grand prize to the highly rated works.
  • You can entry from our website(https://eh.almg.tech/en/comp/apply/).

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.

  • Deadline Notice *

We will hold “2nd Simulation Fireworks Competition”(Japan) on Nov. 6, 2021.
The end of the submission is Oct. 17 15:00(UTC) ,2021.

You can entry on our website(https://eh.almg.tech/en/comp/apply).
And, please see the above page for more information.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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