3D World modification

If I create a 3D world and start a project, will the 3D model update in the workspace if I modify it later?

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yes. The shows are linking to the 3D world. So if you update the 3D world, all shows that use it will also update.

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Thanks for the fast answer.
I have another question: How can I move the ‘FW-Sim’ folder containing the resources used by the program from “my documents” to another disk? My C: drive is ridiculously small.
If I simply move the ‘My Documents’ folder to my D drive, will the software automatically find the path?

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FWsim always uses the folder “My Documents” > “FW-Sim”. If you move your “My Documents” folder properly, then Windows will tell FWsim the correct new path.

I believe this is the right approach for moving the “My Documents” folder: Quickly Move My Documents to Another Drive in Windows 10.

While you do this, make sure that FWsim and all other programs are closed.