A few fireworks

Hello everyone,
it’s my first post here even though I use FWSim for almost two years, but only picked up recently after falling in love with Japanese firework shows, despite being Italian and the heritage of manufacturers such as Parente and Vaccalluzzo.
I am fascinated by the work of art behind the craft of fireworks, from the large, awe-inspiring shows like the Redentore festival of Venice to the countless Japanese summer festivals with massive shells.
Despite not being able to make the most beautiful fireworks (yes, I am looking at you, ghost fireworks) I am learning to make some in-software.
I do not make many shows and there is only one I published (on NicoNico). I tend to lean towards the Japanese philosophy whereas I prefer less, well-crafted fireworks rather than massive barrages.
This is a show made with the latest fireworks and after it a series of fireworks collections I did in recent times. Note that I cannot post more than two links so I am including only the most recent ones. On YouTube you may find some other creations with FWSim.

“Zipangu” Aerial Shells Collection reel 30-12-21

My greatest goal at the moment is to learn to make a working Ghost Firework shell. I still do not have many clues on it, but I hope to get some insights on a way to “quickly” create them.

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