A New Year's Pyromusical

Hello everyone!

I have had FWsim for a long time already, but just recently found and joined this forum. So far I used FWsim to occasionally create shows as a small fun hobby, for example on New Year’s Eves.

As my first post here, I’d like to share with you my New Year’s show I made this time:

2023 New Year Fireworks [FWsim #5] - YouTube

I’d really love to hear some feedback about my show, especially on the choreographic setup, use of effects, and synchronisation with the music.

Best wishes and a happy new year!


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Thanks for posting, and welcome to the forum! I think the letters with the bengals are very cool, and I love that the first seconds are in silence with only the sound effects.

The part with John Miles - “Music” is great becasue you don’t shoot too much, it’s just the right amount and it’s very elegant. Love it!

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