Any help for a noobie?

I find it amazing that I somehow stumbled upon this “game”. I have a special place in my heart for niche programs and this definitely scratches that itch.

However, I don’t know thing one about creating fireworks displays, even after going through the tutorial. Do any of you more experienced people have any pointers for me?

What kind of indications do you want?


good to hear you found something you like!

Are you looking for artistic ideas (how to make great designs) or more for technical help (how to use the software)?


I believe I need artistic ideas, as the software itself is easy enough to use.

You could start by recreating shows. That would give you an idea. The American company Spirit of ’76 made a display resource available. You can get the files (cue sheets, audio files, site layout and so on) they have used for previous shows. They also made a webinar about show design and choreography.

You can find it here.