Atomium en 3D pou spectacle


Je voudrais avoir l’Atomium de Bruxelles en 3 D comme modèle dans les spectacles dans fwsim.
Si c’est possible de le faire.


Thierry Balint


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I would like to have the Brussels Atomium in 3D as a model in the shows in fwsim.
If it is possible to do so.

Thank you.

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you’d need to find a 3D model of the Atomium on the internet.

Here are some guidelines on what 3D model format you need:

Here is a 3D model that should work:

However, you need to convert that model. You need the Sketchup software for that. You can try this software free for 30 days. You can download 3D Warehouse models in the Sketchup format, open them in the Sketchup software, and then export them in the “Collada” file format.

Let me know if you encounter any difficulty while doing so!