Brocade Mine w/ 8 Angle Shell

@HarmonyStarFireworks I just watched that video of yours and I’m really impressed with it! Can you share with me how you did those mines with different angles? I would really appreciate it!

I have learned that @Mangmod asked me how can I create a kaleidoscope shell. My method is to adjust the stars in 0 seconds, add crossette, removing the sound (uncheck the box), and set it to manual at 5.0%. Hope it helps you!

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And by the way, @JRSVARIETIESCHANNEL, do you have a Discord account yet?

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Can you show me a screenshot of it? I still didn’t get how you did it. And yes, I have Discord! The name is “juniorbatera.”!

Good! Then join Simulation Fireworks Association! @Mangmod is waiting for you!

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Sure thing! Thanks for responding!