Color Changing Wheels/Fountains and Multiple Wheel

Greetings, @Lukas! I just saw these videos on YouTube and I looked for the next update. Here are the wishlist(s) of the following videos.

Flower Wheel

Clockwise Wheel

Three Layers Wheel

Color Changing Wheels

Color Changing Fountains

Hope this it will add to the update!


It seems like this would need a major overhaul of the catherine wheel component. There would have to be options for:

  • The amount of wheels.
  • The amount of arms.
  • The angle of the effect.

Currently we can only choose a single Star component as an effect component, which makes the catherine wheel component limited to simple effects. One option would be to treat catherine wheels as cakes and have the ability to add existing effects to them. That way you could make the fountain as a cake going through the different effects. This would make the Burn Duration obsolete, as that would be determined by the existing effect.

Rotation speed of the wheel could be calculated by the angle of the arms and the Speed of the existing effect. The Speed option in the Catherine Wheel component could be changed to a percentage-based option that can increase or decrease the calculated speed.

The last effect can already be made using cakes. I have suggested an option for making sure a new effect doesn’t start before a previous one is finished in the cake editor. This is in order to avoid that the change between two effects in, for example, fountains or colour-changing flames either have a pause or overlap, but still have a little variation on when the effect change happens.

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