Comming soon new Effects! (December)

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After having worked a lot on a number of products for FWsim, we can hereby tell you that the effects of XENA have been made and will be made public around december.
The package will contain shells, cakes, mines and commets.
Highest caliber is `6

Until then!


Good to hear that! Let us know when the effects are ready.

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When will the Chinese language pack be added?

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When will the Chinese language pack be added?

We don’t have plans for that at the moment, but we appreciate the suggestion!

Follow effects now made:


Iceman 26201
Big Splash 06207
Peony cakes : 06218/06219/06220/06221/06222/06223
Brocade Crown 06224
Brocade Crown Finale 06233
Titanium Peony Finale 06235
White Glitter Finale 06234
Brocade Crown Horsetail 06232
Bruiser 06200
Gold Glitter Willow 06229
Green Glitter Peony 06227
Red Glitter Peony 06225
Red Glitter Willow 06228
White Glitter Peony 06226
Multi Leaves 06112
White Glitter Waterfall 06231
Splitting Purple 06103
Regenade 06208


''3 Red Glitter 06154
"3 Red and silver Glitter 06154
"3 Silver Glitter 06154
"2,5 Blue Peony
"2,5 Brocade Crown 06152
"2,5 Cravkling Coconut
"2,5 Glitter Gold wave to Purple
"2,5 Purple Peony With Crackling Pistil
"2,5 Red Peony
"2,5 Red Peony With Crackling Pistil
"4 Bleu w/ Coconut pistil 06159
"4 Green Peony w/ Coconut Pistil 06159
"4 Red peony w/ Coconut pistil 06159

Full access to the securities around December 1