Create a long exposure screenshot using ImageMagick and GIMP

How to create a long exposure screenshots using ImageMagick and GIMP.

Link to download ImageMagick:

  1. Before you get started, edit the configuration file user.xml under FW-Sim folder.

  2. Looking for <RenderPNGs>false</RenderPNGs> then change to <RenderPNGs>true</RenderPNGs>, There have two of them.

  3. Save the file.

  4. Start FWsim and add a few effects at the beginning of the timeline.

    Normally should be like this:

  5. Export the video in PNG sequence then make a folder for image sequence then click Select Folder.

  6. If the first frame occurred about the brightness, delete the first file 000000.png.

  7. Then go to Command Prompt from this folder.

  8. To create a long exposure screenshot, use this command:
    magick.exe *.png -evaluate-sequence max longexposure_example.png

  9. Please wait because it took a lot of process to create.

  10. Once is finished, here’s the result without the edit:

Result rendered with GIMP (Removed explosion flashes from FWsim and replaced with Supernova effect filter):

You can eventually create or edit effects from FWsim for long exposure screenshots (by removing the Explosion flash from the Effect Editor) then edit using GIMP to make even more realistic fireworks photography.

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