Creating a scene with GIFs & video as active backgrounds

I’ve been toying with the idea of using .GIF animations instead of static images as custom backgrounds. Containing moving elements, like rippling water and active cloud layers, however ideally I would like to be able to insert video clips as active backgrounds.

In my opinion, fireworks displays that have static backgrounds don’t add a true sense of realism to the overall look of ‘screen/projector based’ fireworks displays. Video backgrounds can offer the designer an unparalleled realism to digital performances.

I also use my own selection of audio samples, that adds further layers of subtle realism to performances. For example background traffic and spectators screams and cheering.

I’m currently working on a Millennium wheel New Years celebration sequence, where I hope to include such active elements into my finished display.

Wish me luck!
I’ve only been using FWsim for a day! :rofl:

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that’s a great idea. If I understand correctly, you would like to use video backgrounds and also add your own sound effects. Is that correct?

Best luck with your show design!

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Yes I already add audio snippets as background effects, but haven’t seen the option to add mp4 videos for scene backgrounds. They have to be pre-edited into the music track as one cannot insert separate audio tracks.

That would be a good addition to the FWSim toolbox.


They have to be pre-edited into the music track as one cannot insert separate audio tracks.

What happens when you add multiple audio files into your timeline?

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I can only add the one standard ‘music’ audio file into the timeline, I add additional sound effects during post video editing. I always add titles and credits after, as they cannot be added into the FWsim editor software (future suggestions). I’m sure I and others would greatly benefit from. :wink:

  1. Add additional audio snippets into timeline.
  2. Add titles and credits pre and post display.

Just a thought like!

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Hello Rogue, I am currently uploading a video (He`s a pirat, with clouds, water and applause in some places. I would be interested to know if this corresponds roughly to what you imagine it to be.
MfG Bernd
Here the link:

(Is still being uploaded, so it will still take a while)

Did you add the additional sounds post production?
I want to drag n drop sound snippets in along the timeline, just like other objects.
I also want to add a video as an active background.
Titles overlay and a credits section at the end would be a nice touch to finished displays.

I just checked this. It should be possible to add multiple sound effects to the timeline, just by dragging and dropping.

What file format do your sound files have?

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I mostly use MP3, some of the older effects are wav, but have taken on board your suggestion and when I’m next being creative, I’ll give adding additional audio snippets a go. :+1:

Beats wasting time post editing any day of the week. :wink:

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How to do it, can you make a tutorial? thanks