Creating Heart Mine

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Was wondering if someone might be able to help me with an issue I’m facing regarding creating a heart mine. I’m currently using a shell rather than a mine and facing a problem where no matter how I angle the stars, or the shell itself, it’ll never hit correctly to be up and down with the ground. I’ve linked below a YT video referencing the firework I’m trying to recreate, and an image of my in-game shell.

‘Luminous The Symphony of Us’ Multi-Angle Edit 4K timestamp: 16:07.

My shell:

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You must create this by using a straight mines and form it into a heart pattern using front and back rotation.

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then each set of mines’ angle’s would have to change for each barge, wouldn’t they?

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If I understand correctly, you want your Shell, in the air, to be always facing the right way up. But what you are seeing is that the orientation is different every time you fire it. Is that correct?

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Yeah, I want it essentially so if there were people standing around the show, the shell is essentially shooting towards them and they have the heart facing them right side up.

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Thanks for the clarification.

There is a hidden option in FWsim to add a “Stabilizer” to the shell. With that option, the shape will always face the audience.

This stabilizer option is currently not visible in FWsim itself, you will need to edit your effects files by hand. Here’s how to do it:

  1. If FWsim is active, close it.
  2. Open Windows Explorer
  3. Find the folder “Documents” and then click “FW-Sim”
  4. Find the folder that corresponds to the “author name” that you entered. For example, if your author name is “Lukas” then look for a folder called Lukas.
  5. Inside that folder, you will find a file for your effect.
  6. Right-click that file and select “Open With: Notepad”.
  7. Press CTRL+F to bring up the “Find” dialogue, and then enter “Stabilizer”
  8. You will find a line that says:


  1. Change it to

  2. Save the file

  3. Start FWsim

  4. Check out the shell. If the heart is upside down, open it in the Effect editor, click Stars, click Rotate, and enter 180°.

Does that work?

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Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it! Unfortunately it didn’t work, I’m not sure if it’s cause of the angling of the shell or something else. But I appreciate it regardless!

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If you would like to investigate further, feel free to send me a private message and I’ll have a look at your effects file.

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