Current development of FWSim

It would be really nice to have a thread for what’s currently being worked on for FWSim. Since the last update has been a while back, and the forum is full with great ideas for additional features, it would be nice to see some sort of list of things that are currently being worked on.



good to hear you are interested in following FWsim development.

There’s a new beta update available, which has been announced on Facebook in September.

If you have some time, please try it out and let us know how it goes.

Basic & Creative Edition:

FWsim Pro:

This update contains the following improvements:

All editions:

• We have updated to the latest version of Microsoft .NET technology. If you notice problems during installation or while running FWsim, please let us know.

• Improved Performance, especially when scrolling through shows

• Reduced Memory Usage

FWsim Pro:

• When the shots of a stepper land within a few meters of a position, they will be treated as being on that position, for the export and the channel assignment. In previous versions, the shots would show up as “not on any position”.

• Lancework (you can create your own arrangements in the effect editor, and save them as an effect)

• New export column “Effect Color Override”


Thank you for the response! Unfortunately the link for the Basic & Creative beta version isn’t working, so I cannot download it. But what I was most curious about, is there some sort of list of features you are currently working on? Or are you just maintaining the simulator with performance and technology updates?

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I can’t speak for Lukas. But I have a list of improvements that I have suggested, which are now part of FWsim.

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Oh that’s cool, but it’s already in the game. I want to have a sneak peak of what’s comming :slight_smile:

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Here’s the right links:

Thanks @fy1vo51! I fixed the links in the original post.

As a small company we are really flexible and future plans change, therefore it doesn’t make sense for us to publish those plans. We would rather talk only about features that are already implemented.

If you want to hear about new developments before anyone else, make sure you sign up to the Betatesting mailinglist here: FWsim Beta Tests
This mailing list is separate from the main FWsim newsletter. By signing up to the maiiling list, you get the opportunity to be among the first to try out new features.


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