Delay When Exporting A Video

Hi @Lukas

When I’m exporting a video, I am having a 0,5 second, which is messing up the show. Because of that, I am having to create the show 0,5 seconds in front of what I wanted. Do you know how to fix this?

Thanks. That shouldn’t happen - I will send you a private message asking for a few more pieces of information, that will help us to fix this.

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Ok! Thanks for responding!

Fixed! Thanks a lot for the attention @Lukas!


The same thing is happening to me @Lukas

Thanks for the notice @TJ_Grimes.

Let’s investigate and find out why it’s still happening on your computer. To get started, please send me an email or private message and mention what version of FWsim you are using. I’ll get back to you with some things we can try.

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