Disney castle request

Hey, does anyone has a link for a GOOD Disney castle (Disney world) I want to recreate happily ever after!

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Wow! I’m also recreating Happily Ever After now! I used this castle: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search/?q=cinderellas%20castle&searchTab=model

Cool! Nice, using the same one! :smiley: It is taking quite some time honestly!

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I use to do London shows! But Disney shows are a little bit harder to make due to the variety of effects (mainly mortars)! When you’re done, put the link here so we can see! I think I’ll upload my version of Happily Ever After tomorrow or Wednesday!

Wow! I will probably use bit more time! But the problem for me is that im not good at making my own fireworks. So some of the firework will look bit different.

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I get it! Do you mind checking out my channel? It’s called JR’S VARIETIES CHANNEL! I upload a lot of FWsim shows, mainly London recreations! But, today I’ll upload Happily Ever After! I hope you enjoy my content and I’m very excited to watch your version of Happily Ever After!

Subbed! Excited about your version!

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Thanks! What is the name of your channel, so I can subscribe too?

Currently its just “THE GUY” but, I think the channel only comes up when searching Elias Skaare Hylland!