Feature Request: Combine Custom Shape with Color Changes

(extracted from another thread)

What about the custom shape distribution by changing the colors of the stars?

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Your request is to combine the custom shape distribution with color changes. Unfortunately, we did not have time for that yet. Sorry about that! We are quite limited in our development resources and this means we need to make difficult trade-offs at times. I do understand that this was possible in an earlier version and I understand it’s a disappointment that you can’t do this in FWsim 3.5.

We always take into account the number of requests for a given feature - unfortunately, this feature has collected very few votes. If anyone else is interested in this, please post here and we’ll bump it up in importance.

(I have move your request, originally posted somewhere else, into a new topic, so we can have one place to discuss this)

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If you can change when the color fades from one phase to the next in combination with custom shape distribution then making ghost shells would be much easier so I would give this an upvote. I actually didn’t even notice this feature wasn’t included until reading this.


I want to upvote this if it’s a means to reach ghost shells. I understand it might not be easy to code and not be the highest priority, but for the cases mentioned above it will be useful.