[Feature Request] Relative Rotation

It would be absolutely wonderful if there was a [checkbox] on the stepper/firework properties tab that allowed us to select between whether the angles chosen are relative to the position of the lines and points; rather than the world.

Example: I’ve placed 5 lines on my show scene. Each radiating outward from a central point. Choosing what angles to use at the start/end of each stepper line so that they are all the same (relative to each other) is extremely difficult.

Likewise - if I have to move those position lines later - I also have to go into each and every stepper and adjust the angles to match the position changes. That has proven to be exhausting.

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Hi Jaguar,

this makes perfect sense. This is high priority for us and I hope we’ll be able to implement this in one of the next update.

Best Regards,

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