Feature Request: Transparent Video Export

I realize this may not be useful for everyone, but I’ve been using FWSim to create video overlay assets for live streaming and other video projects. To accomplish this one must use a color keyer filter/effect and reprocess the video file exported by FWSim. Which - as you can imagine, is not ideal as it drastically reduces the quality of the FW effects on the stream.

Is there any possibility that an alpha channel could be added to the MP4 video export? MP4 (ProRes4444) and (WebM) both have native alpha channel support, and would be a brilliant addition to the simulator’s output options.

This would catastrophically improve the quality and usefulness of the exported videos. Not just for streaming, but also for adding fireworks to images and videos.

Alternatively… an OBS plugin/player which is capable of rendering a saved show directly in OBS would be even better. But perhaps one thing at a time. hehe


good to hear FWsim is useful for your video projects.

Currently, videos exported from FWsim do not have an alpha channel. However, when you export a video from FWsim with a black background, it is possible to simply use the brightness of the pixels as alpha. No alpha channel is needed.

You mention you are using OBS for streaming. Which other video editing programs are you using?
If you let me know which programs you are using, I might be able to post some more detailed instructions on how to get FWsim videos in there.

Best Regards,

I use final cut pro to key/remove the black and prepare for OBS. Which works - but it’s never perfect and almost always reduces the quality of the fireworks. Which is why I thought I’d request an alpha channel be added to exported MP4s.
Ideally it would be rather nice to have a WebM export which includes an alpha channel and no background, but I realize this entire ‘request’ is likely outside the scope of what you’re creating with the sim. So I completely understand if it’s not something worth putting the effort into.