Festa del Redentore 2022 Firework Display

The Redentore Festival takes place in Venice and it started back in 1577 to celebrate the end of the Plague in the city.
It’s usual to have a big firework show on Saturday night and tradition wants the fireworks to begin on Saturday and end on Sunday (after midnight). I went to see this event for the first time yesterday and was left in awe.
Curated by Parente Fireworks, artistic director Antonio Parente, the show was insane:

  • 400m of firing front on St. Mark’s Basin of Venice.
  • 5 Barges with the major shells
  • 25 Pontoons for minor shells and mine-type effects
  • Over 6500 shots fired
  • Over 2500kg of explosives used
  • 45 minutes of fireworks show

Some of the key points:

  • Parente are masters of layering. They manage to lead the eye from a low level to mid-low, mid-high and high during the show.
  • The lack of music is a challenge and the length of the show was masterfully divided between segments.
  • Ghost shells and Ghost mine effects were an absolute, fantastic view. I was left really in awe after witnessing them for the first time in my life. I hope with all of my heart this type of shell comes in FWsim, at least on the Creative Edition.
  • Shell calibre was limited due to the location. I guess it was 200mm but I cannot confirm this.

See the whole show here.

I uploaded a clip of the part I loved the most, which is up close. I was about 250m away from the firing fronts and the shells were large enough to not fit the frame.