finished show files

Are there any finished show files? So not already exported as a video but a completely finished show that you can still edit?
am totally new and would like to test and play something for myself

Hi Markus,

have you seen the demo files included with FWsim? You can get them by clicking File -> “Open Demo Show” and then selecting one of them.

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The second (London bridge) demo display was what initially attracted to the FWSim software, when I saw it on YouTube.

I thought right then… I got to get me a piece of that action!
Well worth the money and nice to see it has an active community. :+1:t2:

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Shows can be packed as zip-files with effects included. I’m sure you could ask the community for some finished shows you could play around with.

Personally, I have used a resource from quite a lot. They put up the cue sheets, audio files, site layout and so on from several of their shows. Recreating those shows will teach you how to use FWsim and give you ideas for choreographing your own shows.