Firework Launch Sounds

Hello everyone, I’m curious to know if there is any way to reduce the launch sound of the fireworks? For example, in a pyromusical (e.g. Disney park fireworks), if one is standing half a mile away, they would not be able to hear the launch. Also, it would be cool to be able to add a delay for the sound of the explosion based on the distance from the firework the camera is, since you usually see the firework before you hear the sound of the explosion. If anyone could let me know if either of these are possible that would be wonderful. If these aren’t possible, it would be cool to see them implemented into an update or a new version of fwsim. Thanks!


I’d like it too.
Maybe Lukas could make it possibile in the future! :wink: :blush:

Thanks for your suggestions!

I agree with your opinion that the launch sounds are too loud. I would like to improve that in a future update.

There’s also several other issues with the sound. For example, crossettes are without audio; and there
is not enough variety in the types of sounds. I’d like to improve all of those issues, and they are on our wishlist for the future.

If anyone reading this has experience with sound design and would like to help, send me a message!


Hi Lukas, thanks for your response. I’m wondering, maybe there could be an option to define the sound delay time for each front/position. Say, for all fireworks on position A, sound delay time = 1sec. What would really be cool is a dynamic sound delay time change based on distance the camera is from the source. Knowing that the speed of sound in air is around 343m/s, I’m wondering if the time delay could be programmed in using t=r/(343m/s), where r the distance from the source (sqrt(x^2+y^2+z^2)) on a standard (right-hand rule) 3D coordinate system.


You’re correct, this is exactly how it would be done: a dynamic delay based on the distance of the camera from the firing positions.

This might lead to unexpected behaviour in some situations, and I’m sure some users prefer the unrealistic immediate sound with no delay. So this would be an optional feature that can be activated.