FWSIM 3.3 color software


Would it be possible to change the default white color FWSIM 3.3?
Indeed, the default white does not suit me best when viewing the show, it returns too much clarity or light.
I tried to change the color of the app through Windows 10 but it doesn’t work.


Hi Silvio,

it is currently not possible to change the white color.
As you probably know, you can set up your own colors in the effects editor.

What kind of RGB values would you suggest for White?


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Hi Lukas,

I wanted to talk about the tone color of your software, the window and the toolbars, maybe if all this was worn in a dark tone we would be less illuminated by the tv or monitor and better appreciate the show … if it was possible to do your advice would be welcome, thank you very much Lukas!

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Having a dark mode would certainly be an improvement. It’s on our wishlist!


Thanks Lukas, i’m very glad of the 3.3 version and releases since v2.

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