FWsim 3.4 Beta now available

FWsim v3.4 is now available to test. It’s a beta version. This means there might be some bugs, but it should be working quite well.

New Features (all editions)

🡢 Dark Mode

🡢 Fullscreen

🡢 New Top-Down Camera

🡢 Save & Store Camera Positions

🡢 Easier to use Camera Moves System

🡢 Preferences easier to navigate

🡢 Better snapping in timeline

🡢 Improved “Create New Effect” dialog with many more sample designs to choose from

🡢 Russian Translation

New Features (FWsim Pro)

🡢 New sorting options for data export

🡢 Vertical reference line when moving cues

🡢 Snap to cursor

🡢 New option to insert cues at burst time, instead of firing time

🡢 Export flamejets as channels on firing system (instead of DMX)


FWsim Basic & Creative Edition https://fwsim.com/downloads/fwsim_beta.exe

FWsim Pro https://fwsim.com/downloads/fwsim_pro_beta.exe

How does the new update work for you? Please report any problems you might find.


@Lukas this is a great update, but I’m disappointed that only pro users to have the option to insert cues by burst time, as this is something I asked for publically a while ago.

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I second this. I absolutely love the Dark Mode, but the best feature is the new Camera System which was a great tool to do some quick and powerful editing directly in the software. But the snap cues by burst time - mostly a quality of life feature - being behind a huge paywall is a bit discouraging if I have to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I know this thread is about the new updated, but I really can’t stress enough how also the Undo functionality (CTRL+Z) should be available at least to the Creative edition. I don’t know about you, but I happened to lose much progress on a show since I accidentally deleted fireworks that were selected unintentionally and the frustration of not having this possibility is quite bothersome.

Talking of solutions, perhaps there could be a version in between which has this quality of life functions as an “expansion” or “DLC” sold separately to the Creative Edition? I have no possibility of launching real fireworks nor I own firing systems nor DMX ones, but I make a lot of detailed fireworks (I am looking at you, custom components) and I’m quite nitpicky when it comes to precision placement.

Going back to the cool things of the update, I believe that the improved dialog with tons of new types to start from is incredibly useful not only for a quick start, but also for a general culture since it clearly gives a visual clue about the fireworks effects - For example, I always confused horsetail and waterfalls!

Great work so far and keep on!


I appreciate your feedback and understand the dissapointment. We will keep this in mind as we plan future updates and edition capabilities.


It’s a pity he doesn’t have a Chinese language pack, I really want a Chinese language pack

Thanks for your feedback. There is no Chinese language at the moment, I have added this to our feature wishlist.

How soon will the Chinese version be available? I hope there is an approximate time, I do not want to wait indefinitely

It is not clear whether we will ever add Chinese translation, and we do not have an approximate timeframe.