FWsim 3.5 Beta Feedback

Thanks. That’s strange, for me it works fine:

Please check:

  1. Maybe your camera is below ground? What happens when you move the camera upwards a long way?
  2. Have you entered the coordinates correctly? See my screenshot below:


(please note, the screenshot was made on German windows where the decimal separator is “,” instead of “.”)

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Sorry for taking so long to answer! It is not crashing, but it is not loading correctly!

Have you followed the instructions yet?

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It is not crashing, but it is not loading correctly!

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll continue the conversation in a private message, so we keep the thread tidy here.

edit: We discussed the problem in private conversation and it has resolved itself.

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I’ve recently updated my sim to the latest version and there is bug on crossettes when a tail is added. * Without a tail, crossettes perform as expected and look appropriate. However, once a tail is added the physics goes haywire, and the crossettes expand outwards very far and at an increasing speed. It is very bizarre. If the tail is removed the crossette returns to normal behavior.

These two pictures are of the same effect, the second picture is with only tails added to the crossette, and no settings adjusted for the tails.

*I’ve come back and updated the post. I’m discovering that this bug is fully attached to tails, seemingly when they are the very last item listed in an effect’s sequence. Tails that are part of an effect, but are not the very last item are unaffected.
This physics bug carries over to fountains that have tails as well, and the particles continue to accelerate all the way to space.


If anyone who updated the latest version of FWsim, here’s some issues that I’ve reported recently:

  • When trying to render to video with smokes enabled, FWsim just crashed. (FIXED)

  • After rendering to video within 3D models, the video is totally black. (FIXED)

  • The custom shape does not match the colors from pixels. (FIXED)

  • The ascent effect is not parented to the shell. (FIXED)

  • The color-changing effect doesn’t affected to the lighting.

  • The lighting from tails when it appears doesn’t have fade in and at specific time.

  • The startup of the bengal flame doesn’t have fade in. (FIXED)

  • Weird colored particles when using Invisible for multiple color-changing. (FIXED)

  • The lighting on some Real Location models doesn’t worked correctly or at all. (FIXED)

  • When trying to import 3D Models and saving 3D Worlds, FWsim crashes. (FIXED)


to all these already named problems, there is also a sound problem with crackling in the show creator also in rendering. if i use more than one or a cake with a crackling item in it, the sound goes straight through all the timeline it doesnt stop and if i render ia video its there too

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Can we talk about one of the features I am ABSOLUTELY in love with? Microstars. You can make some virtual smoke with it; it is a HUGE game changer. Like, have you seen how GOOD this Dahlia looks now with the glow effect and the tails? It looks much more realistic!

If I have to give my feedback, I think the glow can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Is there a slider to turn it down (or up!) planned for the playback or for the rendering? In the example below, I think this is too much glow for a kamuro finale… It looks great, but perhaps too majestic!

I realize I might be asking to much here, but if there was a size slider for the microstars rather than three options it might be even better since they would be extremely flexible.

Thank you FWsim team!

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Use Microstars for your Kamuro instead

Like this one:

and also you can use it for the shell fuse rising

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That’s another great use of the microstars, thank you!
(now, time to rework all the kamuro in the database I have I guess)

Also you can use it within brighter sparks tails effects like this as well:

Useful for shells, mines and comets.

Sorry for all the excitement here, maybe it does not strictly belong to feedback, but I found out that it is possible to customize the Microstar size further via file editing! It takes a bit of trial and error, but by editing the you can fine-tune the effect. This makes me super hopeful for a slider!

here’s a comparison:
Microstar size “medium” StarSizeFactor 0.55

Microstar size “medium” StarSizeFactor 0.3

The effects components are 3 stacked layers, with two ones being slow strobing (to simulate a gradual ignition of the kamuro compound) and a normal, gold one.

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Actually, you can use the particle size slider if you selected Sparks type then set the particle size to 30%, after that select Microstars_Medium type.

0.3 is basically 30.00%

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Thats interesting, after the latest update i have the problems, that some of my single rows didnt have comets, i want to take a screenshot of it but there are all black and now i cant see my show, sound is there but the frame where the show should be is Black!

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I made my experiment of the kamuro effect like this:

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Hopefully there will be one-third and quarter peony, as well as ghost shells, motors, hummers, wolves, and other effects to be added during the beta test! And by the way, thanks, Mangmod!

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I have also no launch star anymore.
I have them only with shells.
Cakes/Mines/comments ect are gone.

(The comet/mines with that pink ball is gone)
(So i have only that tail and gold strobe)


Im talking about the balls not flames.
That pink balls or coments, see picture^^

Otherwise here another example, evrything what is blue is gone in the latest version.
It wasn’t in the version before the latest version.
It’s also gone in the firework edite.

Meaby also a good idea to select ALL the positions in the show.
And move them to a good area, like what u have in the 3D world.
Moving you’r building to a area where you wanted it.

Bc now i need to put the positions one for one moving to another location.
And that takes alot of time in my opinion.

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You can use comets as Mine instead as it already large enough:

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