FWsim 3.5 Beta Feedback

Sorry for all the excitement here, maybe it does not strictly belong to feedback, but I found out that it is possible to customize the Microstar size further via file editing! It takes a bit of trial and error, but by editing the you can fine-tune the effect. This makes me super hopeful for a slider!

here’s a comparison:
Microstar size “medium” StarSizeFactor 0.55

Microstar size “medium” StarSizeFactor 0.3

The effects components are 3 stacked layers, with two ones being slow strobing (to simulate a gradual ignition of the kamuro compound) and a normal, gold one.

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Actually, you can use the particle size slider if you selected Sparks type then set the particle size to 30%, after that select Microstars_Medium type.

0.3 is basically 30.00%

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Thats interesting, after the latest update i have the problems, that some of my single rows didnt have comets, i want to take a screenshot of it but there are all black and now i cant see my show, sound is there but the frame where the show should be is Black!

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I made my experiment of the kamuro effect like this:

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Hopefully there will be one-third and quarter peony, as well as ghost shells, motors, hummers, wolves, and other effects to be added during the beta test! And by the way, thanks, Mangmod!

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I have also no launch star anymore.
I have them only with shells.
Cakes/Mines/comments ect are gone.

(The comet/mines with that pink ball is gone)
(So i have only that tail and gold strobe)


Im talking about the balls not flames.
That pink balls or coments, see picture^^

Otherwise here another example, evrything what is blue is gone in the latest version.
It wasn’t in the version before the latest version.
It’s also gone in the firework edite.

Meaby also a good idea to select ALL the positions in the show.
And move them to a good area, like what u have in the 3D world.
Moving you’r building to a area where you wanted it.

Bc now i need to put the positions one for one moving to another location.
And that takes alot of time in my opinion.

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You can use comets as Mine instead as it already large enough:

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So there is no option to use shells anymore?

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Comets are the only things using Mine

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So this effects are now broken bc you guys deleted that option?

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I think it’s because you didn’t add a “Explosion” component to your effect in the Effect Editor

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How can i remove the saprks?
Bc now i have the explosion, but its gives automaticly sparks and i have no option to put them off…

Tbf i do not like this update…This update is messing peoples creation in garbage…

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I asked @Lukas to add an option to disable explosion spark in the Effect Editor as I’d like to disappear on my Ti Salutes:

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Doesn’t stant nowhere

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Anyways in my opinion this is a bad update…
Bc in the past 4/5 years i have this programe i have create alot effects with shells.
Put the shell in a cake and put a mine in it so its looks nice.

Now its gone and me and prob alot of other users have alot of work to do.
Alot effects are broken and need get a rework.

Again, this not only me but the whole community before this 3.5 Beta update…

Im kinda mad about it but yea…

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Well, let’s wait until @Lukas will give us a response if there’s any changes

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I had a similar feeling as @DFWST . At first, I was just in awe with the new update, -but then I slowly realised that I would have to rework basically many of the effects I did. Now, I luckily didn’t have a big library of custom effects but I was nearly finishing the basics of a potential new catalogue.
So yeah, I think it’s the transition phase which can be quite rough.
For the short term, I would like to reinforce my request for a slider for microstars (which could already be underway due to how it’s possible to change their size) and a way to disable the default launch/explosion effects on a per-firework basis - This mainly to the fact that some may require the beautiful explosion and launch effect, while others may want not to enable it - think of large shell of shells which you don’t want an explosion to ruin the surprise! -

Lastly, I doubt this is possible, but I will still ask it nevertheless, to please allow CTRL+Z in creative versions and the display of height not only in the fireworks editor, but on the display editor too, since it is incredibly tedious to set up a realistic looking fireworks show without knowing the sizes of the place you would like to set that in, as it is now possible to use the google feature.

Thank you for your attention and good work

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Thanks all for the feedback. We are hard at work on the new beta, and we are reading all the comments. Some of the problems mentioned have already been solved, others we are currently working on.

Our goal with this update is that nobody needs to modify any of their effects. Everything should look similar to how it did in previous versions, just better and more realistic. That’s why we have a beta test, so we can figure out those problems and solve them.

We probably will not achieve that goal 100%, but we’ll do our best.

@Mangmod @DFWST, it sounds like both of you have effects that now look different. Could you send me those effect files in a private message? I’ll have a look and see what we can do so they look good in the new version. Please send me the files as you had them in the previous versions, without any modifications.