FWSim can't find fireworks effects?

Hi all,
So I got a new computer and all my FWSim files got saved and transferred over, but when I opened my show files I got an error message saying “The following firework effects are used in this show, but were not found. Please make sure they are in C:\Users\Owner\Documents\FW-Sim”; C:\Program Files (x86)\FWsim\bin…\Standard Effects
Is there somewhere I can find them or do I have to start completely over with my effects?
Thanks in advance

Hi Adam,

are these effects you created yourself? Or effects that came with FWsim?


Hello Lukas,
These are effects that I created myself.
The software on my last computer had them listed as “created by Unknown”
I’m not sure if there is a file that needs to be moved from somewhere or if I would need to get more data on them from my old computer.
Thanks in advance for the help!

Thanks for the clarification. The effects you create yourself are always saved under “Documents\FW-Sim”. Simply open Explorer on the old computer, go to “Documents”, find the folder “FW-Sim”, and there you will find your effect files - arranged in one subfolder for each author.


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