FWsim Festival Lights and laser

hey people who use FWsim or the people who are looking for things like this.

I saw that there were some things that people wanted lasers and spotlights ect in the game.

it’s a nice idea, no idea if that will ever come into play. but for now you can use Photo / flashes / bengal / fountains and the other stuff around it.

I have make a show and my team member “FWsim Show’s” (link here) made more.
it takes a lot of time to make a show for festival stuff.
For the positions you can for example use the bengal flames for left to right which takes for example 2a3 seconds.
For a drop of course the photo / flash and maybe fountain shots, which you can use as a smoke cannon or just a flame
You can use mines / rockets / comets / shells / cakes behind your building itself.

Here the screenshots of the fireworks and the position. If you want to see the show for yourself, click on the link below.

YouTube Links

Defqon1 Test show DFWST:

FWsim Shows:

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Nice Job!Well done.You gave me some ideas - thanks!


Thx, good luck with your ideas!
Fore more questions reply haha.

bravo j’aime beaucoup !!

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How does the light work below? Can you leave an email? Inquire about something, thank you!

Show 2 with more and new designs :astonished:
Focused on the Mines and Comets!
With Z and W rows

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