FWsim Italian Championship 2020 - Registration open until October 1

This is a fan-organized competition. Click the link for more information:

Dear friends, also this year, Scampoli Fireworks organizes the fourth edition of the FWsim/Finale3D Italian Championship .
This year participation is also open to Finale3D users, and obviously also to FWsim users.
A jury of six personalities who have contributed to the promotion of real and simulated fireworks displays are ready to react to your talent.

The big update of this year is the big jury and the real time live reaction of the judges at your shows!

Registrations are open from August, until October 1st 2020 , and it will be possible to create the show after October 7 .


We are waiting for a lot of competitors! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hey Lorenzo!

  • The mandatory soundtrack they said in the rules must be at the start of the show?
  • The maximum caliber of shells is 250mm, but can I make mines and comets 300mm or not?

That is my questions.

Hi! :smiley:
You can place the mandatory track anywhere you want in the show. But you can’t edit/cut it.

We have maximum caliber only for the shells and the other effects that explode in the air, so you can do anything you want for the other effects.

For any information please contact us: https://www.scampolifireworks.com/contact-us/

What rules apply to the background, ground and camera?

No rules about this kind of settings.
Because we decided to don’t give a standard file.
Best Regards.

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