FWsim New Years Challenge

The FWsim New Year Challenge will be a musical competition in which you’ll have to unleash your creativity by designing the best synchronized and most beautiful fireworks show. This is your time to shine, so don’t hesitate to read the rules and start planning your submission. We’re waiting to hear from you!

Submissions open until January 8, you can find the rules here:



The results of the competition will be announced when?


will be announced over the course of this week.


Ok thank you so much.
Well done for your software, it is really great. :grinning:

Is the results of new year challenge are known ? I haven’t see them

Thanks everyone who participated in the New Years Competition. We received so many excellent shows, it was really hard to decide!

Here’s a playlist with all the submissions (ordered randomly). Have a look, lots of great designs in there.

The jury consisted of Marcus (FWsim effects designer) and Sam (FWsim marketing specialist). Our jury decided on the winner: Thibault! Here’s his show:

Congratulations Thibault and all who entered! It was a great, fun competition! :smiley: