FWsim now available on Steam Early Access

This is a very exciting day for me: FWsim is finally available on Steam Early Access. I released the first version in 2010, and always had one goal in mind: to create the most realistic fireworks simulator available. Something that is close to reality and useful for fireworks professionals, but also intuitive, easy and fun for amateurs and fireworks enthusiasts. Tens of thousands of simulations - and real fireworks shows planned with FWsim - are a testament that this goal has been achieved.

Fireworks Design is both a science and an art. Unlike other forms of art, pyrotechnics is usually available only to a handful of professionals. Not anymore! FWsim makes it possible for anyone to create their own fireworks show and express themselves in this unique medium. My intention with the Steam Early Access Launch is to bring this experience to more people. People who might love fireworks but haven’t had any direct experience with them yet.

The existing FWsim community is my most important partner in this journey. Every single email and feature request helps to make FWsim better.

So: Thank you everyone for being a part of this!


You allowed me and other people to make our dreams come true and create a job, thanks to you!


Congratulations on the release @Lukas! I’m sure it will open the software up to many more users! :smiley:


Congratulatioms @Lukas ! You really deserve it! This is the BEST FIREWORKS SIMULATOR EVER! I’m loving to be a part of this community!