FWSIM Shows for 2024

Before my Main NYE Show goes public here are some preshows I have made




Turn Up The Music


I have a nooby question, where did you get the pole? Did you get it as an 3D model and imported it?

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The pole is imported and you can get it from various websites like as 3dwarehouse

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Here’s my NYE Show to welcome 2024

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I might host a competition this year, the concept for this competition will have 2 categories that you can join which are:

  • Format Limited Category

    • I, the host will give a format that you will use for your show that must consist of 3 parts a Traditional no-music segment, a large aerial segment, and the freestyle segment that you will have your theme.
  • Format Unlimited Category

    • For this category, you can choose or create your format while presenting only the traditional and the freestyle segment

reply if you have any comments or suggestions if you want to

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