FWSIM "Themed" Updates

So here are my suggestions for possible updates in FWSIM with themes to put the focus on certain aspects of the software:

Bountiful Effects Update
Bountiful means large quantity, abundant, or many

So here is my suggestion/wishlist for this possible theme:

  • Tail behavior mechanics - This adds a curvature slider to tails to have more and unlock numerous firework types such as swirling tails, spinners, etc.

  • Sound Effect Selection - This adds an option to add sounds to stars or tails such as crackles, howlers, sirens, etc.

  • Moving Stars - This adds an option in the star’s behavior to move or scatter creating warmers, go-getters, scatter, fish, and moving stars.

  • Star Gravity Mechanics - This adds a slider in creating stars to have gravity which unlocks in creating parachutes or quick falling stars.

  • Water Effects - This adds a new effect to create water candles, comets, mines, and aerial effects.

  • Girandola Effects - This adds girandola effects.

  • Ghost Effect - This adds some changes to the color-changing mechanic by adding a drop-down list of certain movements of the color-changing such as mirror in/out, side sweep, alternate, trio change, halves, quarter.

This is the theme that I can come up with possibly more below.


I have told already to @Mangmod. Added to wishlist!

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