How put FWsim bassic,Creative or Pro in Steam

Hey Hello.
I have had FWsim for a while and I also wanted to start FWsim via steam before fwsim was released on Steam.

Please note that this is for FWsim what you bought on the official website so this is not a free FWsim!

Step1: Buy FWsim on the website (or do that)
Step2: Go to library and click on games at the top left
Step3: Click on “Do not add steam game to my library”
Step4: Check FWsim and or other games you already have
Step5: Click on “Add Programs”
Step6: Go to library and see where your games are.
If all goes well, FWsim (your version bassic, creative, pro) is in between

The game will be posted without a photo.
If you still want a photo, see the steps below.

Step1: Click right mouse button
Step2: Click on manage and then click on manage atwork
Step3: Select the image you have chosen.

Check if he now has your photo as a game icon

Time and screenshot’s are NOT working.

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