How to get water reflections?

I have seen some videos on youtube, where people set up very impressive scenes with water surfaces in the foreground, for example here or here . I have looked through the files in the installation directory, but i am not sure how they made it. Does anybody know how to recreate this? I think that they most likely created a 3d-object with some shaders on it and imported it using the world-editor, but i am not familiar with 3d-programs like blender and with 3d modelling at all. Any help is appreciated.

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at the moment this is not possible in FWsim.
It cannot be done with models either - FWsim doesn’t allow importing 3D models with custom shaders.

People who have water reflections in their videos usually use video editing software like Adobe Premiere or After Effects.

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comme la dis précédemment Lukas, et je leurs est demandé comment ont ils fait, et l’un d’eux ma répondue qu’il utiliser After effect pour réaliser cette effet. Je lui ais ensuite demander comment le faisait-il, et il ma répondu qu’il dessinais 1 image par 1 image…

bonjour ,il faut crée le feu avec FWsim puis faire un montage moi j’utilise power director 18 dans les effets taper reflets d’eau ou water affect , et ca donne ce petit test que j’ai réaliser .

Bien amicalement !!

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bonjour je vous poste ma video et l’effet ce fait en 1 clic!!! Bien amicalement.

Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

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