How to put FWsim in full screen mode (Tutorial)

Anyone doesn’t know that FWsim can make in full screen mode without showing a title bar and a Windows taskbar.

  • Edit user.xml file under Documents/FW-Sim and looking for <Fullscreen>false</Fullscreen>

  • Change the the value

  • Save the file

  • Open FWsim

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Good find!

I added this secret configuration a couple of weeks ago. There will be a proper “fullscreen” option added with one of the next updates. Until then, editing the config file is the way to get fullscreen.

sinon appuyer sur la touche “F11” de votre clavier ^^ pas de modification de document sensible et opération faite sans risque ^^.

Ce serait une bonne idée!

In the newest update, fullscreen is now possible without editing configuration files.

Simply press ALT + ENTER in the FWsim main window. This will make the show editor, the effect editor and the world editor fullscreen.

FWsim Basic and FWsim Creative Edition are now full-screen by default. FWsim Pro is shown in windowed mode by default but can be switched into fullscreen.

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