I can't get Custom to work

I use to have Custom colors/my own design–it’s not working. If I re install software-will i loose all the fireworks that I created?

oh I have a 2nd question-I have noticed that some people join contests-how do you find out about a contest?

We can post our own shows really. How do I find out about this. One of my Fireworks videos went viral.

thanks, Ariel L Eriksen

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All your fireworks effects that you’ve created are stored under “Documents/FW-Sim” so it won’t deleted.

You can find competitions listed here: FWsim Fireworks Simulator - Competitions and Community

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When you reinstall FWsim on the same computer, under the same user account, then you will keep all your effects. If you move to a new computer, please copy your files to the new computer (they are in “Documents/FW-Sim”, as @fy1vo51 has explained)

Does that answer your question?

Congratulations! Which one is it?

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the competitions are not all listed on this page (FWsim Fireworks Simulator - Competitions and Community) unfortunately the best way is to look in the Competition category in Fwsim Community (Competitions - FWsim Community Forum)

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