I need advice for my fwsim shows

Hi all, ive been making shows on fwsim for quite some time but i feel like i could do with some advice on how to improve.

I feel like i am lacking creativity with shows sometimes and i need to also find ways to make them look aesthetically pleasing

Also as i do synchronised shows to music i feel like im missing out some points of synchronisation or im lacking creativity as i always synchronise the effects in the same way such as constant mirror shifts

Im looking for advice on how to improve as always any help is appreciated highly :slight_smile:

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I would recommend for you to try to recreate some real life shows in FWsim so you can observe some real effects (how many stars they have, color changes, durations, shapes, etc.)! That way you can analize not only the effects themselves, but also some choreography ideas as well! My YouTube channel is focused on recreating real shows on FWsim! If you check out my very first show (London Fireworks 2020 Beta Version) and my very last (London Fireworks 2024 Original Show) you’ll see how much I got better with my shows! I hope I helped you in some way! :smiley:

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That seems like a brilliant idea, i have seen your london shows im a big fan of your channel and also the london new year fireworks, ive been meaning to ask you how do you get the whole of the london eye lit up, i can only get half of it on mine?


Watching more real life fireworks shows will give you a brief idea on how to perfect your own one. Also fireworks effects used throughout different shows are similar anyways. You could adapt and improvise the effects if you find them suitable for your show.

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I am not an expert but I would say this as an advice: don’t overdo it.
For this I mean do not spam a lot of fireworks all at the same time, or it will “saturate” the sky. If you have to do this, make sure it’s some simple firework type such as a peony, or brocade.
Try to capture the beauty of every firework, curate its details and make a sequence which “brings justice” to the various fireworks.


For me, use classical music since it has just the instruments playing and you can focus on making your choreography and choices in your effects.

Second, have effect-type combination segments that show the pacing/tempo of the chosen song those segments are as follows:

  • Aerials
  • Single Shots
  • Cakes
  • Special Effects

If you are going to create combinations make sure that your chosen effects are visible or don’t cover other fired effects, if doing combinations it can be:

  • Aerial + Single Shots
  • Single Shots + Special Effects
  • Aerial + Cakes

For synchronization, you can listen over and over again until you can pinpoint the beat or your points when adding effects


Thanks! It’s awesome to know that you enjoy my content! You need Creative / Pro Edition to change the heights of the positons! Then, you have to adjust them to match London Eye’s firing point’s heights!

It’s not the newest thread, but something just came to mind: if you want realism, consider adding random delays between fireworks. The software already does this, but you can add extra by using the “random times” type on a stepper. Perhaps in the future, there could be options to randomize further some other parameters such as the height of fireworks (it looks a bit too “perfect” even with the current randomization), but we’re getting there with time.