Ideas for next Updates!

Hi Everyone!
This is my first topic on fwsim community and i have some ideas for next FWsim updates, i apologize for my bad English! :sweat_smile:

  • For first i really appreciate that point location size are smaller than older version, but i have the same problem about working on small areas were i have to space one position from another by some meters, so i thought that could be nice (for user) to choose the size of the position image or directly choosing another pic for the position point.

  • Standard Effect on FireworksEditor, for example select from a combobox the type of tail that i want to add in my effect for example charcoal, gold glitter, silver glitter ecc. used for standard effect library.

  • Thumbnail GIF for cake, roman candle or other other effect created as a combination of these or a Thumbnail acquired after some second from the shot.
    The GIF may be activated when the cursor is over the picturebox and when the cursor leave the picturebox

  • Fix the ascending star which is always behind 3D model even if t was shot in front of the 3d model

  • Being a programmer, i’ve created a theme for .net project called ModernUIControl developed in vb .net and i dream it was used in FWsim! This is a .dll file that could be used as a References in VisualStudio Project and the source code of this library is free for the developers of FWsim who are interested to this idea, my email is: [email protected]
    (Example of a vb .net project using ModernUIControl)

About ModernUIControl, maybe @Lukas is not sure, he preferred his same design interface.

Hi Andrea,

thanks for your detailed list of suggestions!

Thanks. We gotta find some way to make editing easier when point positions are very close to each other. Added to wishlist!

So you want to use ready-made components in your effects. That’s an excellent suggestion.

This is planned for the March or April update.

Thank you for that. Due to technical reasons, it is not possible to add support for custom color schemes to FWsim.


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Exactly! because every time i want to create a new effect using, for example, charcoal tail on my mine/comet i have to create a copy of the standard effect on the library, then i have to copy the star including all the tail which is made, then i have to create my effect and past the star which i copied before and then i finally can to create my effect. It is very complicated!
It would be awesome if you could to include the “ghost pattern” in the shell shape combobox!!

I can understand, no problem! Maybe it would be nice if the user could change the background color (for example including black theme!)

Yes, I would love to have a dark theme in FWsim. Unfortunately, this is not possible with our current UI technology. It would require re-writing most of the user interface code. This is not impossible but will take several months, and is not important enough right now.