Is it possible to control the "fading" between phases?

Hello, with the arrival of the “Phases” system, new possibilities opened up.
I would like to see if there is any way to control the “fading” between phases. My goal would be, for a firework during between 2 and 4 seconds, to have a very short, almost instantaneous shift from one phase to another one, without a long fade. Is there any possibility to do this with file editing, or are there “hidden” functions or even some on Pro mode? Or some kind of override to increase the maximum phases so that, by having more of them, the transition would be forced to be more immediate.

A reference of the result I would like to do is here, more specifically the middle-type fireworks, but the mines as well, as it looks like it is a single instance of stars with many phases, but the time between each other is different.

Further example:

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thanks for your suggestion. I understand you would like to adjust the fading duration between colors.

At the moment, this is controlled by a global parameter. It cannot be changed for each effect individually.

This global parameter can be changed in an unsupported way. “Unsupported” means that it involves editing the program files. This might be removed in the future, or stop working. And it will be overwritten whenever you update FWsim.

In graphics.xml, which is in your FWsim programs folder, find the line that says “DurationOfColorChange”. It expresses how long the fade from one color to the next takes, as a proportion of the entire lifetime. For example, if this is set to 0.1 and the star lives for 4 seconds, then the transition will take 0.4 seconds.

Keep in mind this will affect all effects. Perhaps in the future we can add a feature to adjust this for each effect individually.

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