Is it possible to disable the Ease In/Out feature for Camera movement?

Don’t get me wrong. I love the “ease in/out” feature on the camera(s) But there are times that I would rather just have a smooth transition from one direction or the other without it coming to a stop or slowing. The menu selection says “Linear” but it does not in any way provide a linear camera movement. Easing in/out is the exact opposite of linear. But the fact that the option is there - suggests that there is a way of editing or changing to something else?
For Helicopter mode specifically - it seems to accelerate all the way through the first half (in) of the key movement, and then decelerate through the “out” half of the movement. This presents a serious challenge when I’d rather have linear or smooth (consistent) camera speed throughout the entire video.

Is there a way to affect an actual “linear” key-to-key movement, even if it’s disabling the Ease In/Out entirely?

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Hi, thanks for your message.

Let me check if I understand your request correctly. You seem to request two different things.

First, a way to make a smooth camera movement in a curve rather than abruptly changing direction. FWsim cannot do that yet: It can smooth the speed, but not the shape of the curve.

Second, you would like to have a camera movement with constant speed. (Currently, FWsim always adds easing in and easing out).

Did I understand these two requests correctly?

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OOOo, I see what you mean. I does look like I’m asking for two things. Ultimately it would be wonderful to have smooth curves instead of specifically point to point movement. But I understand why that’s not been a priority for this particular type of simulator. That, and perhaps being confused about the purpose of the “linear” option.
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What I’m really hoping for, is a way to disable the ease in/out in helicopter mode. The video i’m making requires a constant rate orbit from start to finish. Which - from what I can tell - is impossible at the moment. The content I’m creating is a little outside the intended use of FWSim, so I understand why this may be a rather low priority type of request.

Alternatively; is there a limit to how much of a camera’s movement between points is eased? If so, I could position my events along the timeline at points between where the ease-in ends and the ease-out begins.

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Ok, thanks for the clarification. I have added this to our wishlist and will let you know when we have news.

In general this seems like quite a valuable addition to the camera options in FWsim.

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