Is there a way to do this mine?

Is there a way to do this mine set up in FWSim? Its @5:37. I’ve tried but I suck at the Editor lol

Hi! Try adding multiple explosions with different energies. Maybe that will work!


yeah, the best way would be to add several explosions with different energies.

Let’s see what our effects specialist @MAthmer has to say, maybe he can make a video showing how to create a mine like this.


just follow the link to see my tutorial :slight_smile: Hope it’ll help!

If you need the .fwe file feel free to contact me!

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Sorry I forgot I even asked about this lol, things at work got real crazy. That is amazing work @MAthmer! I would love the fwe if it is not too much trouble. Again so sorry that it took so long to get back to the tread.