Letter and number fireworks needed

A couple of the fireworks sims I use have letters, numbers and special shape fireworks.

I’ve had a good look through the FWSim standard sets and all the community downloads, but I have been unsuccessful at finding any numbers/letters. Just a few hearts and stars.

Can anyone suggest any?

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In the Effect Editor, you can add Stars, there’s a combobox called Shape under Distribution and you can find Custom Shape, it is very simple:


Thanks for the reply, I have looked briefly at the editor, but seeing I’ve only just starting using FWSim, It’s going to be a whole new learning curve to master the editor, and to get the results I had hoped were already available. With some 1500 declared effects, for creative subs and 2500+ for pro users, I can’t find letters and numbers. I guess I will have to make some, on top of reaching my 31st Dec deadline.

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