London Fireworks 2013 Recreation

Now yes! My fourth FWsim show!

I’m loving to recreate London’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks! This time, I’m bringing you the 2013: Best Of 2012 recreation! I really hope you enjoy it as much you enjoyed the other ones!

P.S.: The “We Will Rock You” part is a little bit out of sync due to a bug on FWsim (0,5 delay when exporting). I’ll try to fix it on the next show (new sounds coming too!). I hope you guys understand!

Leave a like and tell me what you thought about on the comments session down below!

Thanks for watching :smiley:


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Awesome, thanks for posting!

I have sent you an email regarding the “delay when exporting” bug. If you haven’t gotten the email, please contact me again. I expect to fix this bug very soon.


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Thanks a lot! I’ll check it out tomorrow and I’ll tell you!