London NYE 2023/2024 Recration Virtual Lights and Fireworks Show

Finally, the London NYE 2023/2024 recreation! been a while since we did London eye and there were a lot of changes on the format. they added the lights and drone show. wasn’t able to recreate the drone show hehe. probably challenging part in making this recreation was the light show, it was very tedious to choreograph but we all made it. for more of this please hit like, subscribe and comment down below what we will recreate next…

premiere is up on my youtube channel:

Some long exposure pictures sneak peek:


Nice work! We’re excited to take a look!


Show is now live on my youtube channel. :wink: hope y’all like it


I hope on the future versions will have option to modify the scale of the Real Locations function, I’ve made this 3d model through blender capturing it from google maps (just like I did on my Tokyo 2020 show) since the real locations is too small on my current London eye format and also I removed the boat/barge on the lower right in the river through blender, and also hopefully y’all add a burst/firing marks on Bengal flames, been doing the light show element blindly since Bengal flames doesn’t have those marks in the cues. loved the water reflections…

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Made a multi perspective version with a mini drone show in the drone show segment using stock sample vviz file from finale, also added and tried some smoke trails on the ground effects.

Loved the new update on the shell rotation :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Nice! What drone show software did you use? I want to try it!


Its just a stock sample vviz file from finale fireworks’ website added in the show and surprisingly it suits the show hehe… for the software, I have no idea yet on the dedicated drone show simulator, but I think you can do it in blender using skybrush addon I guess…

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