Luminous The Symphony of Us: A Custom FWsim Show

Hello everyone! Here is my newest FWsim take on a Disney firework show. This time it’s Epcot’s new show, Luminous The Symphony of Us. The lighting alone took an eternity so I hope you all enjoy it :slight_smile:


I just saw your show. It’s really cool.
I am a beginner. How do you manage the rotation of the mortars?

If you have time, take a look at my first two videos. Your opinion matters to me.

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If you’re using Creative Edition or Pro, there’s some options called Allow changing of “Firework Rotation” and “Allow rotation front/back” in the Preferences.

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What fy1vo51 said is definitely better than what I do. I only have the standard version unfortunately so I quite literally just go 1 by 1 and choose the angle that looks best. Unfortunately it means you can only watch the show from the front or the angles are all messed up.


Vielen Dank für diese schöne Feuerwerkshow ! :smiley:

(Thank you for this beautiful fireworks show!)

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