Missing some effects in the app

Hello all, I am new to the program and downloaded it yesterday. Unfortunately, I am missing certain textures such as brocades, palms, and tails. I basically only have effects that have stars as well as a couple miscellaneous things, but nothing that leaves trails. I left a screenshot of what my shells look like in my inventory. Any help with how to get those textures to show is much appreciated.

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Hi Aaron, let me investigate this.

First, I’d like to find out whether this problem affects just the display of the effects library or the show playback as well.

You mention your observation that you cannot see anything that leaves tails. What happens when you place effects with tails, such as a palm, into a show and play it? Do you see the effect properly then?

Thank you for your reply!

I also cannot see the effects when i place them, only effects with stars/glitter.

Thanks. There is a problem affecting a small number of computers, where certain effects with tails would not show up. Unfortunately, since it only affects a small number of users (perhaps 1 in 500), we have not been able to solve it yet. (None of our test computers has this problem)

Two questions for you:

  1. Which graphics card are you using? (You can find out by pressing WINDOWS+R, typing “dxdiag” and pressing ENTER. On “Display” or “Render”, you will see the model of graphics card. Be aware, you might have two graphics cards in your computer.)

  2. Could you post a screenshot here, showing how a palm looks like on your screen? Please use a palm that comes with FWsim (the effects author name should be “FWsim” or “marcus Athmer”), and mention which effect it is so I can compare.

The Graphics card is an Intel UHD Graphics 730

Here is a screenshot of the “Brocade Crackling Palm [Brocade Tail Thin]” shortly after detonation:

Did you enabled Live Preview or the effect is not shown at all?

Yeah, good question, just to verify: when you place a peony to explode at the same time, it shows normally while the Brocade doesn’t show?

Unfortunately, this might be the kind of problem that we are unable to fix as we don’t have a computer that exhibits the same problem. Nevertheless, I will do my best and see what I can do.

Here’s some more suggestions and info I’m curious about:

  1. Please try installing the most recent Intel graphics drivers. Then, please reboot the computer. Does that fix the problem?
  2. Which version of Windows do you use?
  3. Is this a Laptop? If so, then could you share which specific model?

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updating the intel drivers worked!
thank you so much.

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Thanks, this is great to hear!

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