More realistic mines

Feature request here

Will fwsim improve the paths of the mines to be more realistic, by having a more natural curve while in the air?

Also, I wonder if fwsim is able to achieve falling tail effect ? Or I should say the exact pyro shown in the photos below.


thanks for your feature request.

You mention that you’d like mines to have a more natural curve while in the air. Could you explain what the difference is between FWsim and reality that you observe?

You also mention a “falling tail effect”. Do you have a video link, or alternatively, can you describe how that looks like?


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fwsim comets (shoot angle 45 degrees) will shoot as a straight line then falls instantly when reaching its maximum height yet real life comets tends to arc

And the tail effect I mentioned, I am no sure whats the exact wording so heres the video link example

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You can adjust this initially with the tails under the heading “With” where you can choose the width of the tail.
You can also adjust the duration of the tail if you want.
Although I do advise you if you want a tail like in the video that you need about 5/6 types of tails to make it look realistic

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Thanks. I will give it a try

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