.mp4 video file not working

Hi! I played a video after rendering my show in .mp4 format. But the thing is, I edited in the video software and it has no sound and video. How can I fix my .mp4 format videos?


let me investigate this.

Please let me know:

  1. Which version of FWsim are you using?
  2. Which video editing software do you use?

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I have the same problem when exporting the video from FwSim Pro to Sony Vegas in .mp4. I have to pass the .mp4 file in Windows Movie Maker and re-export it in .mp4 to import it into Sony Vegas, just to add my logo and my outro for my videos

Thanks. @GagnonSimPyrotechnic and @HarmonyStarFireworks, could you both try downloading this test video file, and importing it into your video editor?

Please let me know if your video editor can open it. Please also mention which video editor you use, and which version.

I use the latest version and I use VEGAS Pro.

@Lukas it works now!

Great. @HarmonyStarFireworks, since you use the same software, I assume the new test file works fine for you too?

I opened the message and it read: “Error 404.” :cry:

Thanks for getting back to me! The issue should already be solved, so the test is no longer necessary.